How much do you charge for a show?

My shows vary in price. It’s best that you give me some details and then I can give you an exact quote. Please call me at 604-306-6229 for friendly help.


Is there a limit to the number of kids that can watch the show?

No limits on the number of kids for in-home birthday shows! 🙂


Do you provide any guarantee?

Absolutely! All my shows  are backed with a 100% money back guarantee – either the kids will love my show or you tear up the cheque and owe me nothing! 


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Can I take photos/videos of your show?

Yes! (as long as they are not used for any commercial purposes.)


When is the best time to do the show during the birthday party?

There is really no right or wrong time to have the show. The only pointer that I can give you in regards to the timing of my show is to allow at least 30 min between the start of the party and the start of my show. From my experience, I have found that there will always be latecomers no matter what. The 30 min have proved to be a safe buffer zone to give a chance for all of the guests to arrive, greet one another and get ready to watch the show without any interruptions.


How big of an area do you need to perform?

A regular-sized living room will do just fine.


Do you need a table?

No, my show is completely self-contained – I bring my own table, sound system, etc. All I need is an area to perform in and I am ready to go!


Outside or inside?

Either is fine with me.


Is there anything you need from ME?


# 1- I would ask that during the time when I set up the show (about 10 min) you keep the kids out of the room and if that’s not possible (i.e. show is being performed outside) to keep their attention so I can set up the show without interruption.  (The same would apply for the time during which I will be packing up my show.)

#2 – If there are any young kids present at your party (3 y.o & under), I would ask to please have their parents sit with their child during my show.  The young kids often get very excited during my show and have a tendency to wander into the performing area, which can serve not only as a major distraction for everyone watching, but also creates a possible safety hazard for the child.


I don’t want to hold the party at my house – can you recommend any place?

I would start with your local community centers – the room rentals are usually reasonable and the best part is that you won’t be left with any mess in your house after the party is over! 🙂


What if there is more than one birthday child (twins, etc)?

Double the amount of fun – no extra charge!


Do you have any live animals in the show?

No. For many reasons I am against the use of live animals in shows. I do however use very realistic puppets to which kids respond very enthusiastically – in fact they love them!


How far will you go to perform/are there any extra travelling charges?

I perform in the entire area of Lower Mainland inclusive of Lions Bay on the west side and Fort Langley on the east side and I do not have any traveling charges associated with my shows. If you are interested in having my show outside ‘regular’ performing area (i.e. Squamish, etc.), please call me and we will arrange something. 🙂


My child is shy – will they be overwhelmed?

My rule of thumb is that I never push kids to do anything they are not comfortable with – period. I tread very lightly around shy kids. What I do find however is that by creating a safe environment (all of my shows are specifically designed to be “EFZ” – embarrassment free zones) combined with my fun onstage persona, kids easily connect with me.  As a result, the majority of the ‘shy’ kids really get into the show and often end up helping me onstage, laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves! Many parents often compliment me on how ‘natural’ I am with the kids. This ‘naturalness’ came only with doing over 2000 kids’ birthday parties! That is one of the main benefits of inviting a full time professional children’s entertainer to your party! 🙂


Inquire About Your Date NOW!

Can I serve food during the show?

From my experience I would recommend feeding the kids before or after the show – children eating/getting their food & drinks during the show often serves as a distraction for the kids that want to watch the show. By not having them eat during the show you are also minimizing the chances of drink spillage on kids clothes and your carpet. 🙂


How do I pay you?

I get paid after the show by cash or cheque.  I also accept credit cards via Paypal.